D-1 Getting ready !

Yesterday, we did some shopping, registered our proxys/mandates for next year’s general elections (in France) and we mostly spent our time dismantling the Pino.
We had been to a bicycle shop a few days before to get 2 bike-sized cardboard boxes, so we just needed a bit of bubble-wrap and lots of time 🙂

The tandem being much larger and longer than a standard bike, we had to disassemble quite a few things.












We started with the standard parts: pedals, mirrors, handles, brake levers, handlebar, etc… Then we had to remove the front seat and the kickstand.


Front part of the Pino without seat and kickstand

Once split in two, we tried our best to protect the wheels and other sensitive parts (derailleurs) using cardboard, bubble-wrap, and blocks of polystyrene. To finish off, we wrapped everything tightly using cling film. We’re not wrapping professionals, but we’re getting there 🙂


Rear Part


Front Part



5 hours later (again, we’re not wrapping professionals… 😉 ), here is the result :



Today, we prepared our bags for the plane, did a little bit more shopping, and finished packing all the things we’re not bringing with us. We also finished saying goodbye: e-mail, text messages, phone calls, etc… This time we’re really leaving. It’s the day before departure (more like a few hours, really) and we’re feeling quite stressed, but we know this will go away when we reach Canada, with our tandem reassembled and all our luggage with us.
We’re super excited to start 🙂



3 thoughts on “D-1 Getting ready !

  1. Moos

    Wooooo GO GO CATAWOPINO! My envy levels are reaching a breaking point – have a fantastic start to a trip of a lifetime.


  2. Adam

    Yay, this looks sooo awesome! You guys are the best!

    Stay safe, enjoy, and remember to report back every now and then so that we – boring people – can also see how it is to be awesome 🙂

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