Je me souviens

Je me souviens que né sous le lys, je croîs sous la rose – I remember that born under the lily, I grow under the rose (Quebec’s motto)

The arrival in Montreal was perfect ! After seeing beautiful landscapes from the plane, we passed through customs without any problem and took only 2 hours to re-build the Pino which had handled the plane very well (woohoo !). Our first kilometres in Canada were cycled under the sun, on a beautiful little cycle path along the St Lawrence river and the Lachine canal up to the city centre.


St Lawrence river

After only 30kms, we stopped and dismantled the Pino once again to put it in Marie’s flat (my cousin’s girlfriend). We then spent the following week with Marie and Kevin.

The next day, Kevin brought us to his place in Quebec city where we spent 3 days. There, we had the privilege of celebrating the St Jean (Quebec’s national day on June the 24th), walking around the old city, seeing the Montmorency falls, watching an improv comedy battle, spending a day in the Jacques Cartier national park, and fry some sausages on a communal bbq. During the weekend, we also met Valentin, a friend of Kevin and Marie, who stayed in Quebec with us. We made a good team 🙂

The Montmorency falls were particularly nice : a very calm, beautiful and pleasant park surrounding the falls, not too many tourists and very impressive falls (83m high, or 30m more than the Niagara falls).



Quebec’s national day


Montmorency falls


Jacques Cartier river


Our new best friend

We went back to Montreal fro 2 days only : we spent one day visiting the city (Mont-royal park, the old harbour, the old town, etc.) and one day finishing preparations before actually leaving on our bike 😉

Between the poutine (Quebec’s famous dish based on fries, cheese, sauce and meat), the frenglish language (as two Frenchmen who spent years in London, we can understand and speak this mixed language quite well), the beautiful landscapes and the beer : we really feel great in Quebec !

Tomorrow morning we’re putting the tandem back together and we leave Quebec to  start exploring Ontario !

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3 thoughts on “Je me souviens

  1. Thomas

    Nice! Looks like it is an easy going start.

    So what is the name of this new friend? And how many stories did this Pere Castor told you??

  2. Michael Cleary

    Hi I’m at you near Cornwall on your second date update would look forward to knowing how your travels are going

  3. Kevin Ferrer

    we had very good time with you guys! hope to see you at Vancouver or Yellowstone on september! have a nice trip!

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