Welcome to America !

We took the ferry on the 9th of September to cross the US border.

At the ferry terminal in Victoria, we were asked to go with the pedestrians to board the ferry, which made this task rather difficult (strangely, our bike was not designed to handle Disneyland-type queues). Going through every detail of our trip with the border guard was not, as expected, a particularly pleasant experience, but we made it across, which is what matters ! After landing in Port Angeles, we saw a sign “All items bought outside of the US must be declared” on our way to the customs. Hmmm… everything we’ve got ?

Here is how the dialogue went with the customs officer :
“ – Where are you from ?
– France.
– And where are you going ?
– San Francisco. 

No answer. He then proceeded to look at the bike, gave us a blank stare, rolled his eyes and waved us through.

We pedalled for 2 days to arrive (once again by ferry) in Seattle, where we are hosted by Axel and Uschi, friends of Tracy’s dad. When we arrived at their place, a French flag was waiting for us on the gate as well as a room ready for us. We appreciated greatly these nice attentions ! Axel and Uschi are the biggest 2CV fans we have ever met. In 30 years, they haven’t missed a single 2CV world meeting, use 2CVs as their daily drivers, and own more than 30 of them, including one in Australia and one in Germany, their country of origin.

The day after our arrival, the four of us went on a ride in one of the 2CVs around Seattle. Axel and Uschi gave us a really nice tour of all the interesting and must-see places in and around the city. We must say we greatly enjoyed this effortless ride 🙂

We spent the whole week at their place, visiting Seattle, taking care of all our gear, writing posts for the blog and working a bit for Clement. We also prepared for our next road trip (by car) : we are leaving for the Yellowstone national park on Saturday (the 17th) with three of our friends !

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  1. Rene

    Well wishes on your journey! It was a pleasure meeting you both on Bainbridge island. Hope you enjoyed your “Shanghai” meal I boxed up for you at the Safeway store. Looking forward to more of your pists! Safe and happy days! Rene’

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