Our project was welcomed and supported by many people.
We are happy and grateful for the support we received from everyone.

Thank You!

To our families

Cloud 1 (4)

And our friends


Cloud 2 (1)


Notes :
(1) These lists are non-exhaustive and non-contractual. If you want to be on one of them, please send us your application along with a check 🙂
(2) Jokes aside, we hope we didn’t forget anyone

A thought for :

  • Marie-Noelle G. for her precious help with logistics. Thank you!
  • One of the saleswoman working at Lush (Victoria train station, London)  who wanted to participate to our trip and offered us a shampoo.
  • Jean-Philippe and Anne, two travellers that we met during a carshare. Thanks for this wonderful trip and for the tips.
  • Christine E. for her support in this project.
  • Mike B. for helping us greatly start on time and his current support with the papers.