Travel Writings
  • Le braquet de la liberté written by Bertrand Scaramal (in French). 1 year around the world, 30 000kms, 28 countries. 5€ for the e-book version.
  • On a roulé sur la terre written by Alexandre Poussin and Sylvain Tesson (in French). These two friends rode their bikes around the world in 1993! 8€ for the printed version.
  • Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie written by Andrew P. Sykes.
Guide Books

Although today you can find a lot of information regarding the preparation of long trips online, it is often the same people publishing books and sharing their knowledge online, so it can be a good idea to support them 🙂 We loved reading these books and didn’t regret buying them !

  • Bike. Camp. Cook. written by Tara and Alan. Cooking book written by and for bike touring enthusiasts. You can buy it directly as an e-book on their website for 15$.
  • Bike Touring Survival Guide written by Friedel and Andrew. They are a Canadian couple who rode around the world between 2006 and 2009. One of the best bike touring guides out there. 7.5$ for the e-book version on their website.
  • How to cycle around the world written by Tim Moss
  • La bible du grand voyageur – 2nd edition by Anick Marie Bouchard, Guillaume Charroin and Nans Thomassey (in French). A nicely written book full of tips and tricks for all travellers. A lot of different means of transportation are considered in this book: by foot, boat, car, bike, etc. 16€ for the printed version.


  • : 5 friends, 1 charity, 3 years, 6 continents. These guys are completely mad, but they also make you dream !
  • : Alban and Jess spent two years around the world on a Pino (2013 – 2015). As they were on the road while we were still dreaming about our trip, we used a lot of info from their website (equipment, budget, etc.).
  • : Tim Moss’ website, a British adventurer.a
  • : Friedel et Andrew’s website, the Canadian couple who wrote the Bike Touring Survival Guide.
  • : Keith and Tamar’s blog, who travelled on a Pino between 2011 and 2015. Great website, especially if you’re looking for technical info about the bike.
  • : Pia and Steven’s blog. A nicely written blog about two french backpackers going around the world.