Health Insurance

We have chosen “Cap Aventure” from Chapka Assurance. It is made specifically for travellers and can last for 3 to 24 months. The main features : repatriation, medical and hospital bills as well as third party liability are covered.
Side note : don’t rely on the insurance you get from you VISA card, it’s only valid for short trips


We decided to get immunisation for pretty much everything: tick-born encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, typhoid, hepatitis A and B.
For more details, you can have a look at our “Vaccination” page by clicking here ! (still in french only for now, sorry !)


After asking for medical advice from a lot of different people, we made up our mind and decided to take anti-malarial tablets during our stay in south-east Asia (in top of trying to reduce mosquito bites of course !).

Health/Emergency kit

Everything we have in our health/emergency kit can be found here.