The project A trip around the world
The participants – Clément (27) and Tracy (28)

After having spent several holidays bike touring, we started to think about going for a longer period of time. The idea of trying to go around the world started to make more and more sense.

Clement et Tracy

Our wedding at the end of 2013 got things moving faster: our friends and families gave us the tandem bike we rode at the beginning of this trip. We then took advantage of our time in London to plan the trip and save the necessary budget.

Part I : On a tandem bike

Why cycling?

Although we are definitely not super fit and didn’t exercise regularly before going on this trip, cycling was for us the ideal means of transportation: quick enough to cover big distances but slow enough to meet locals and enjoy the landscapes properly. Cycling is not the goal, just a way of travelling that we really like.

Why on this bike ?


We decided to go for the half-recumbent tandem Hase Pino. There are two things that make this bike more interesting to ride than a normal tandem: there are two independent free wheels, and the heads are at different levels so both can enjoy the landscape and communicate easily. The person at the back drives the Pino (handlebar, brakes and gears) while the person at the front gives directions (and can also take pictures).

Food and lifestyle

We did some wild camping, we slept in people’s gardens (we had asked beforehand of course), we used warmshowers, and we got invited by a lot of very generous people. Food-wise, our little multi-fuel stove worked like a charm and we cooked most of our meals with it !

Part II: With our backpacks

After 6 months, 4500kms on the bike and 11000kms in rented cars in both Canada and the USA, we decided to stop cycling. We will do more bike touring trips in the future as we still enjoy it, but we will do so on shorter distances. We are still travelling, we just exchanged our tandem bike with our backpacks and took a plane to Southeast Asia.

We visited Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, and decided to slowly make our way back home overland. The rest is still pretty vague and will depend on what we see and who we meet along the way.